Wooden Snowflake Ornaments – Holiday Craft How-To

Just a few simple craft supplies and you can make lots of these pretty snowflake ornaments to adorn your tree, windows, a wreath, or even to give as gifts or package ties. You can make them in any color of the rainbow or leave them plain for a more natural look. Easy to make, inexpensive and original, these festive snowflake ornaments will last well beyond the holidays.


  • Wooden snowflake cutouts in various sizes. I used 4 different sizes from a little over an inch to around 4 inches. I bought 2 packages of 15 assorted sizes, which made 3 ornaments and didn’t use all of them. You will use around 8 snowflakes per ornament.
  • Assorted colors of ink stamp pads (optional; I used two colors)
  • Very thin ribbon (I used gold)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Lay out your ornaments before you apply ink to any of the snowflakes to see how many snowflakes you’ll use for each ornament. Start with a large snowflake as the base of the ornament and keep layering smaller snowflakes on the top and bottom. You can place the flakes in a pattern or randomly, but try to keep the basic round shape of an ornament as you do so. Take photos of your snowflake layouts if you need to in order to remember them.

2. Once your ornaments are all laid out, decide which colors (if any) you want each ornament to be. Gather the snowflakes for one ornament and press one side of each flake into an ink pad. You’ll want to press down for at least 5 seconds. The longer you press down the more vivid the color will be. Shorter pressing times will yield a more rustic look. I pressed mine for around 7 seconds each.

3. Set each snowflake ink side up on a piece of paper to dry. Let dry several hours before repeating the inking process on the other side. Let all snowflakes dry thoroughly before gluing your ornaments together.

    4. Heat up your glue gun and start layering the snowflakes in the patterns you came up with earlier. Use a small amount of glue to avoid it seeping out from under your flakes. Don’t worry if you accidentally glue one in the wrong place, you can pull it apart, scrape off the glue and reposition the flake. Continue layering your snowflakes until you have the desired ornament shape and look.

    5. Cut a piece of ribbon or cord about 8” long and tie it to one of the ends of the snowflakes that looks like the “top.” Then tie the loose ends together to make a hanging loop. Hang your ornament on your tree, in your window or wherever it makes you happiest!

    Note:  You can find wooden snowflake cutouts online at Factory Direct Craft, Amazon, and other retailers.

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