scared alone


Why You’re So Determined not to be Alone

I gotta find someone, I’ve just GOT TO! Maybe…

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Single-Girl Home Safety

14 things you can do to up your living-alone…


I’m Scared I’ll be Alone Forever

How to Stop Fearing Singlehood If you’ve ever uttered…


You CAN be Happy on Your Own!

I can show you how!  And why it’s so…

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How Happy are You on Your Own?

What to do when you think you’re doing okay,…

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How to Have the Confidence to Be Happily Single

Why are you so scared to be alone? Being…

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How to not Settle for Someone

Believe it or not, you’re not required to do…

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Can you embrace singlehood and still want a relationship?

Of course!  I’ll show you how… I see you. …

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Living Alone Safely

14 things you can do to up your living-alone…

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Love is not Just About Romance

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t have…

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