I believe that

Women can lead empowered, fulfilled, enviable, and blissfully happy lives
on their own,
 no mate required.

Women can create a mindset for themselves where they no longer need a mate in order to be happy and can then wisely choose whether or not they want one.

I have started a movement of strong, happy single women who are no longer pitied for being alone and are instead envied for creating the lives of their dreams.

This point of view goes against the everyone-must-couple-up-to-be-happy theory that has permeated society for centuries. I have disproved this theory. I’m living a blissfully happy single life.

The Single Girl Bliss
Speaking Topics

Change our mindset around being single

This is where we define the self-defeating thoughts and limiting beliefs that have been holding single women back from being happy. We turn those negative thoughts and beliefs into positive ones that can be used moving forward. We agree to put ourselves “out there” into the Universe and ask for what we want in life. We learn to accept ourselves and realize the power we have to create our best lives right now.

Define who we are and what we want as single women

This is where we look at ourselves separately from a relationship.  We say to ourselves, “If someone told me that I was going to be single for the rest of my life and I believed them with 100% certainty, what would that life look like?”  We define who we are, who we want to be, and what we want out of life.

Create our roadmap to single girl bliss

This is where we create an action plan to get our lives to where we want them to be.  We define exact steps we can take to get the things we want out of life.  We look at all of the areas of our lives:  career, home, family & friends, health & fitness, activites, community, and personal development, and create an action plan to get these areas to where we want them.  We plan an amazing journey for ourselves and embark on that journey.

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Professional speaking bio:

 Leslie Kaz is a...
Certified Life Coach,
author, speaker,
& blissful single girl

Leslie Kaz, coach for single women
She spent 21 years believing that she needed a mate
in order to be truly happy and live the life she wanted.

After tiring of endlessly searching for Mr. Right and the endless unhappiness that went with it, Leslie decided to turn her life around. She made the decision to change her thinking, change her mindset about being single, and start creating the life she truly wanted. She’s been blissfully single for several years and while she hasn’t completely closed the door on the possibility that an amazing relationship could come along one day, she no longer needs that to happen in order to be happy.

Leslie has gone from being “that poor woman who can’t find a man,” to the envied single girl who has it all together. And now she wants to help other single women do the same.  She started by writing and publishing her first book, Single Girl Bliss: How to Stop Feeing Alone and Start Feeling Alive, and has a coaching program for single women to get the support and guidance they need.

Leslie’s passion is helping single women empower themselves
to create their best lives right now.

She can’t stand the thought of single women suffering in unhappiness, feeling like they have nowhere to turn for support, and not living their happiest, best lives. Leslie knows that it’s possible for every single woman to create the life of her dreams and stop waiting around for someone else to provide it for her. Her purpose in life is to create a whole new class of single women who are living empowered, fulfilled, enviable lives and have found their single girl bliss!

Single Girl Bliss Book Cover

Create your life plan and
start living your most
blissful single-girl life.

Learn how to change your mindset and take action so that you can go from where you are now to where you want to be.

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