Do you ever feel like you’re the only single person in the world and no one gets what it’s really like to be in your shoes? It’s easy to feel that way when you don’t have a good support network or your network is made up of well-meaning people who aren’t really walking the same path as you. Lucky for you, there are several great books out there for singles that will not only let you know you’re not alone, but give you lots of good tips for living the single life like a pro and a few good laughs, too. Following are my top 4 feel-good singles books and where to get them.

  1. “Good in Bed,” by Debbi Rice

Written for every single woman out there who has ever felt “less than” because she didn’t have a mate, this lighthearted account of the struggles single people go through is a must-read for all single people, not just struggling singles. The book really drives home the pressures single people face to not be single anymore, from family and friends to the church, and at the same time highlights why you should kick these pressures to the curb. Infused with personal stories that you can relate to and plenty of humor, this is an inspirational, feel-good book. Hooray for anything that gives you permission to be single AND happy!

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  1. “Single is the New Black,” by Dr. Karen Anderson-Abrell

Psychologist Dr. Karin Anderson-Abrell, was inspired by her own personal experience of calling off her wedding to a good guy because he wasn’t the right guy. She spent many years on her own after that, living up the single life and being patient until the right one came along. Her whimsical and upbeat account of the challenges that face singles in our society is both humorous and hits home. She gets a male perspective on each of the issues she covers, as well, with the overarching message that you should never settle and what you should do instead.

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  1. “A Single Revolution,” by Shani Silver

Podcaster Shani Silver does not want you to change yourself to be better at finding a partner. She wants you to change your mind to feel better about living your life. She doesn’t believe you have to stop wanting a relationship to start loving your single life. However, there’s no dating advice in her book because that’s not what she’s about. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of being single, and you’re ready to reframe the way you think about and experience single life, you’ll love Shani’s book. Witty and irreverent, Shani wants you to know that you aren’t here on Earth to struggle through singlehood for years on end. You’re allowed to live a whole lot more than that!

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  1. “Single Girl Bliss,” by Leslie Kaz

Last but not least, my own book. I was inspired to write my book long before I became a Singles Life Coach. After 21 years on the dating-and-relationship hamster wheel, I knew I had to do something different. I thought I was going to work harder at finding not just someone, but “the one,” until I decided to take a break from dating and just focus on all the good things about being single. I realized I was going through a process of becoming single and happy, and after going through that process, I never went back to dating. In my book I share my process so that you, too, can live the life you want while single. The book is upbeat, with loads of humor, and will make you feel like you can do anything you want, relationship not required.

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