Prolonging the Life of Dried Herbs & Spices

What to do with an entire jar of garam masala.

Don’t you hate it when you come across a recipe you really want to make and it calls for a spice you don’t have? So, you decide to buy that spice at the grocery store, but you can only get it in a large 3oz jar. What? You only need a half teaspoon! And you have no idea if you’re ever going to use this spice again. You really don’t want to pay $8 for something that’s likely to just fade into tastelessness in your cupboard. Don’t skip the recipe, follow one of these suggestions instead.

  • Immediately freeze half or more of what you buy. Freezing will prolong the flavor of your spice while you look for more recipes that use it. Pour half the jar into a snack-size Zip-lock bag and label it with a Sharpie. It’ll be ready to refill your jar when you need it.
  • Buy whole spices, store them in the freezer, and grind only what you need when you need it. You can find whole spices online or at local spice shops. You’ll have to get a spice grinder, too, but this is the freshest, most economical approach. Don’t forget to thaw your spices before you grind them.
  • Share spices with someone. Know another singleton who doesn’t need an entire jar of garam masala? Split the jar and the cost with that person. If there are more of you, even better.
  • Buy smaller amounts of spices. Tough to find in the grocery store, but some spice shops will sell you very small amounts. If you don’t have a spice shop nearby, try Spice Station online, who sells in 1 oz quantities.
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