Modern Bunny Wreath

A lot of people go big on the Christmas decorations, myself included, but how many Easter decorations do you have? Or even just Spring decorations, for that matter? I decided to beef up my springtime stash this year by making a sophisticated bunny wreath. It was inexpensive and required few materials, but it’s a project to be completed over several days. Here’s how I did it:


  • 2 large grapevine wreaths, one slightly bigger than the other (I used a 10” and a 12”)
  • 2 small grapevine wreaths (I used 5”)
  • 1 artificial pussy willow stem, with 7-8 “branches” (you could also use small flowers, berries or other artificial floral embellishment)
  • Antique copper or bronze high-gauge (thin) wire
  • Needle nose pliers or wire cutters
  • Medium width ribbon (1-2”) (I used some I already had)


  1. Place the two small grapevine wreaths in a pan of water. Set something on top of them, such as kitchen canisters, to weigh them down so they’re completely submerged. Let them soak for at least 24 hours.
  2. In the meantime, cut the individual branches of pussy willows off of your stem with the wire cutters. Take a branch and bend it to the shape of your largest grapevine wreath.

3. Cut lengths of wire (about 6”) to wire the branches to the wreath. Bend each wire in half, position it over the branch, and poke the ends through the wreath to the back. Twist the ends together tightly in back to hold the branch in place. Tuck in the loose ends.

4. Repeat with remaining branches until both large wreaths are covered with pussy willows.

5. When your small grapevine wreaths have soaked long enough to be pliable, bend them into the shape of bunny ears. You may hear a couple of vines crack, but that’s okay. Secure the wreaths in their ear shapes by wrapping sturdy rubber bands around them or tying them with string. Allow the ears to dry completely before moving on, 24-48 hours.

6. When the ears have dried completely, remove the rubber bands or string. Take one of your leftover pussy willow branches and cut it in half. Bend each half to the shape of the ear tips and wire them onto the ears the same way you wired the large wreaths.

7. Now wire the ears onto the smaller of the two wreaths (the head). Cut longer lengths of wire (about 12”). Be sure to string or weave the wire through the base of the ears horizontally first, with an end of wire sticking out each side to be poked through the wreath. This will make sure the ears are secure and not wobbly.

8. Cut a 6” length of wire to make a hanger and bend it in half. Thread the two ends through the back of the wreath between the two ears. Twist the ends together to make a loop.

9. Now wire the bunny head and body together with another long length of wire.

10. Cut a 24” length of ribbon and tie a bow around the bunny’s “neck.” Trim the ends to the desired length. Hang on your wall or door and enjoy!

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