How to Split Costs with Other Singles

Save money on everything from groceries to cell service.

How many times have you thrown out produce because you couldn’t eat it all yourself before it went bad? And not just produce, either, but anything perishable? Or what about the family of four who’s paying $100/mo for service to all of their phones, while you pay $70 just for you? Let’s face it, the world isn’t set up for single people. So, how do you cash in on the same savings afforded to couples and families?

Society doesn’t care that you’re actually paying more for the same products and services, so businesses aren’t likely to help you out themselves. The best way is to find someone to share costs with. Do you have a single family member or friend that you trust? If you’re talking about sharing grocery costs, it’s also helpful if you live not far from each other. A neighbor, maybe? Here are some ways you can share costs and start paying the same as everyone else:

  • Find a grocery partner. You’re not likely to eat an entire head of cauliflower before it starts to turn brown. Figure out which items you both regularly use that you can never seem to use up and make a plan to split these items in half. This works well for produce, dairy products, meat, even spices. It also works well for those items that are cheaper in larger quantities.
  • Share a Costco membership. Not only will you only pay half of the annual dues, but you can split up all those gargantuan packages of things. And you can go shopping together and make an outing of it!
  • Make a deal with someone to split other things, as well. Hardware items, for one. Most things don’t come packaged in small amounts because it’s not cost-effective, but having extra stuff sitting around that you’ll never use isn’t cost-effective for you!
  • Buddy up on services, such as cell phones and TV streaming. I’ve been using a friend’s Netflix account for years. In exchange, he uses my Discovery+ account. Granted, Netflix is going to start cracking down on this, but all they’ll do is start charging a fee for extra users, which will still be cheaper than getting my own account. Since most things are done digitally now, you won’t have to worry about bills or other notifications going to one person’s house and the other person missing something.
  • Take advantage of travel deals. I get offered those time-share vacation deals all the time, where you get really cheap airfare and hotel, in exchange for sitting through the timeshare sales spiel. It used to be that you had to be a heterosexual couple to utilize these offers, but nowadays any two people can take advantage. Companies will no longer ask you if you’re married or cohabitating. They can’t without the risk of a lawsuit. So, grab a friend (and some earplugs for the sales pitch) and have yourself a wonderful cheap vacation.
  • Same goes for gym and other memberships. It’s likely to cost less each for two people than for one and they can’t ask you anymore if you’re married or are a romantic couple. If you must reside at the same address, choose one person to take the lead for the account and use their address.
  • If you just don’t have anyone that you can share costs with, always buy the smaller amount. Yes, it will cost more per unit and you’ll have to get over that in your head, but it will cost you less overall. I recently grabbed a half gallon of milk knowing that I wouldn’t use it up before it started to turn sour. So I grabbed the quart size instead. It wasn’t much less than the half gallon, but it was less, and at least I won’t be dumping it down the drain.


  1. It’s imperative that you find someone you trust! Maybe not for groceries, but for anything that’s a membership or requires a monthly charge.
  2. Get a Venmo, Zelle or similar account, if you don’t already have one, to make paying each other for your half easier.
  3. Have a plan in the event that one of you couples-up and needs to start sharing the same expenses with someone new. This also goes for someone deciding they don’t want a particular service anymore.
Leslie Kaz, coach for single women

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