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Home Decorating for Single Women

Does Your Home Suffer Because You Only Have One Income?

Believe me, friend, I struggled with this very issue for years and years.  I’m an interior designer by trade and I’ve actually been afraid to invite people to my home because it didn’t look like a designer lived there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had a nice house, but it was never all designery and perfect.  And why?

It’s all about the money, money, money

I always told myself it was because I only had one income and that income only went so far.  I jokingly referred to my décor as “Early American Poverty,” but truly it wasn’t that bad.  And yet, as a designer, I touted that I could design a home using only things from Walmart and it would still look great.  So, why didn’t I do that to my own home, especially since I had the skills?  Well, part of it was not wanting my home bedecked in Walmart.  But the other part was that since I was living alone where it was rare that another person even saw my home, I didn’t place a lot of value on it looking good.  As long as I was comfortable, that was good enough.  Let me remind you that I’m an interior designer, so WTF?

Our clients, ourselves

My home renovation, so to speak, came about due to a change in my business structure.  I started offering a design package called “Windows, Walls and Whatnot,” that was designed for people who wanted some professional help with their homes, but didn’t have the money to be tearing down walls and replacing all their furniture.  The way the package works is that I help clients redesign their window treatments, wall colors and coverings, and anything else that isn’t furniture or construction – lighting, rugs, artwork, accessories.  I also help them with layouts, if needed.  My very first client was a single woman who does well for herself, but still didn’t want to do anything major and didn’t want to spend a lot of money, either.  After her home turned out fabulously for not very much money, I decided that I could certainly do this to my own home.

One day at a time, one room at a time

While my first client had the money to makeover her entire home at once, I did not.  So, I decided to go room by room.  I set aside a certain amount of money each month for this project (your Starbucks bill should cover it), and designed and purchased as I went along.  I started with my great room (kitchen, dining, living room), moved to my master suite, and I’m still in the process with a couple rooms to finish up, but I’m proof positive that it doesn’t take a ton of money to get your home looking in great shape.  I found great things at Target, Home Goods, Pier1, and yes, even Walmart!  I’m no longer living in “Early American Poverty” and have even entertained thoughts of a party or two coming up.

A happy, single, home life involves not only being comfortable where you live, but also being happy with your surroundings.  Do you look around your home and like what you see?  Would you be comfortable having people over for a party or even just a girls’ night?  If not, don’t blame your single income.  It only takes a little money, a little bit at a time, to start living Single Girl Bliss at Home!

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