Growing Fall Container Flowers, Veggies and Herbs

It’s not too late to plant up some fall flowers, veggies and herbs! No space? No problem. Late season plantings are perfect for low-maintenance containers that fit any space. While the ground may be getting too cold for anything to continue to grow, things planted in containers have a longer life and can thrive well into the fall. Most people don’t know that you can grow in pots most things that grow in the ground.

Choosing the right plants is the first place to start. Decide what you want to grow. You can grow fall flowers such as pansies, mums and sweet alyssum. You can also grow cool season veggies such as lettuces, spinach, radishes and onions. And then there are all kinds of herbs that you’ll transplant indoors when it gets too cold for them survive outside. Choose ones you like to cook with all winter long. You can then transplant them back outside when it warms up in the spring.

Most local garden centers will carry only what will grow in your area right now, so you can rest assured that what you choose will do well now. But also read plant labels to find out to what temperature your plants are hardy so you’ll know when to cover them, bring them inside for the night, or when it’s time to say good-bye until next year.

You’ll also need to know your growing conditions. Containers, obviously, but also the light conditions where you intend to locate your pots. Often garden centers will label their plants with tags that say they work well in containers or will tolerate partial shade. If the tags are less than descriptive, a garden center associate should be able to direct you to the right plants for you.

Then it’s time to purchase your containers and soil. Make sure the containers are big enough for your plants once they mature fully (read the plant labels) and your soil is the well-draining variety formulated for either flowers or veggies and herbs.

Place your pots where you intend them to be permanently, fill with soil, plant your plants, water in well, and keep well-watered. Be sure to watch temperatures carefully so you’ll know when to cover your plants or bring them inside, and enjoy your fall color and bounty!

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