Glittered Pine Cones – Easy Holiday Craft

Need some festive, glittery Christmas ornaments or winter decorations that are easy and inexpensive to make, too? I’ve got you covered. These glittered pine cones couldn’t be easier to make (if a bit on the messy side) and cost almost nothing per cone. In fact, you can gather the main material in your backyard or at the neighborhood park. They’ll look so good when you’re done you won’t believe how simple and inexpensive they were.


  • Pine cones, as many as you want to make. You can gather them or purchase them inexpensively at crafts stores
  • Craft glue
  • Small foam craft brush
  • Extra fine glitter, in whatever color you choose. I used gold.
  • Twine, 10”-12” per cone
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


  1. Spread some newspaper or craft paper on your work surface.

2. Using your scissors, cut the twine in 10”-12” lengths, depending on the size of your pine cones, for as many pine cones as you’re making. Bring the ends of each piece of twine together and tie in a knot, making a loop for hanging. Set aside.

3. Squeeze about a couple tablespoons of glue into a small plastic container or Styrofoam cup. Add a very small amount of water to thin the glue just a bit and mix with your foam brush. Add more water, if needed, until the glue is the consistency of Elmer’s.

4. Dip the foam brush in the glue and brush the edges of your first pine cone until all “petals” are covered. If you get too much glue in one spot, just go over it with your brush a few more times and it’ll thin out.

5. Liberally sprinkle your glitter all over the pine cone, covering all the glue, going over it more than once until you’re sure all the glue is covered. There will be lots of glitter spillage, but you’ll gather it up in the paper and put it back in the glitter container when you’re done. Shake the excess glue off of the pine cone and set aside to dry.

    6. Repeat with remaining pine cones. You will get some glue and glitter on your fingers, so it’s not a bad idea to have a wet rag nearby on which to wipe your hands periodically.

    7. Once your pine cones are dry or nearly dry, heat up your glue gun. Squeeze a blob of hot glue into the top of a pine cone where you want to attach your hanger.

    8. Take one of your hangers and press it together, then stick the non-knotted end into the glue. Hold for several seconds, then set aside to cool and harden. Repeat with the remaining pine cones and twine hangers. For a less rustic look, press the knotted end into the glue instead leaving only the loop showing.

    9. Hang your beautiful glittered pine cones on your Christmas tree, in your windows, from doorknobs, or use them to decorate a wreath (omit the hangers). Enjoy!

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