Crafts – Modern Fall Wreath

Do wreaths seem old-fashioned and stuffy? Like, there’s no way you’d hang one on your front door or anywhere in your house unless it’s Christmas? Get a load of this modern take on the classic wreath and you may change your mind. With just a few inexpensive supplies and very little time, effort or know-how, you too can make yourself this beautiful Modern Fall Wreath and bring out your hip version of Martha Stewart!


  • Metal ring (I used a 12” gold, which I “antiqued” by rubbing it with some fine grit sandpaper)
  • 4 sheets scrapbooking paper in different coordinating Fall colors (I used black, white, gold and copper for a modern twist, in different patterns and textures)
  • Wide ribbon in a coordinating color (I used 3” copper metallic)
  • Small piece of thin cardboard (mine was the flap from a graham cracker box)
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Small, sharp scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Find a leaf template online and print it out. Mine is a 3” one I found on Canva, but there are many sources. Carefully cut out the template and trace it onto the piece of cardboard. Cut out the cardboard template. This is what you’ll use for your leaves.
  2. Trace the cardboard leaf template onto the back of each of your pieces of scrapbooking paper. You’ll need 10 of each color. Carefully cut out the leaves.

3. Take each leaf and bend the long edges toward one another like you’re going to fold the leaf in half lengthwise, but just pinch the end of each leaf so that only about 1/2-3/4” is folded. This gives the leaves dimension.

4. Once all your leaves are “folded,” begin gluing them to your metal ring with your glue gun. Flatten each folded leaf slightly and dab a small amount of glue to the end of the leaves before affixing them to the ring in a random pattern, alternating sides as you go.

5. Keep working until you’ve covered 1/3 of the ring. You can always go back and add in a few leaves to areas that look sparse or need some dimension.

6. Finally, cut a 2-foot piece of ribbon and tie it to your ring by looping it in half and pulling the ends through the loop. You can also tie a traditional bow, if you’d like. You’ll need about a foot more ribbon. Hang your wreath on a door or wall. You don’t even need a hanger, just a nail or hook will do. Enjoy your beautiful Modern Fall Wreath!

7. Hang your wreath on a door or wall. You don’t even need a hanger, just a nail or hook will do. Enjoy your beautiful Modern Fall Wreath!

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