Book Review

“Good in Bed,” by Debbi Rice

Written for every single woman out there who has ever felt “less than” because she didn’t have a mate, this lighthearted account of the struggles single people go through is a must-read for all single people, not just struggling singles.

A fast read (I read it in a couple of days), the book really drives home the pressures single people face to not be single anymore, from family and friends to the church, and at the same time highlights why you should kick these pressures to the curb.

Debbi is a long-time singles enthusiast and has spent most of her life single. She gets it, and has dedicated her life to spreading “the good word.”

Infused with personal stories that you can relate to and plenty of humor, this is an inspirational, feel-good book. Hooray for anything that gives you permission (not that you need it, mind you) to be single AND happy!

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