Would you like to join a new class of

single people
living empowered, fulfilled, and
blissfully happy lives?

Here's what every single person needs to know about facing life on your own.

Some days you might wake up not knowing how you're going to face it all alone. You probably wonder how many more days will be like this one.

You'd like to have the confidence to rock your single life,
but instead you:

  • Believe you need a partner in order to be happy
  • Don’t know who you are on your own
  • Don’t have control of your own happiness
  • Feel pitied by others because you’re single

If you’re ready to be happy with yourself and your life, and gain the courage and know-how to own your alone, you're in the right place. And I'm here to help!


The most profound relationshp

- we'll ever have is the one -

with ourselves

-Shirley MacLaine

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I'm Leslie Kaz, and I help single people get past the fear of being alone so you can have the freedom and power to live your happiest life!

I've been exactly where you are,

but now I'm happier than I've ever been.

After spending 21 years in the endless search for a partner, I went through a mind-blowing transformation and began to live my happiest life ever. It was such a profound change for me that I wrote a book about it and became a Certified Life Coach. I am now blissfully single, cohabitating with my two cantankerous cats, and couldn't be more in love with my life. My biggest fear used to be spending the rest of my life alone. Now my biggest fear is not having enough time to do all of the amazing things I want to do in life. I can help you get you here, too!

"Leslie has a great perspective on being single, and offers good suggestions and helpful information on how to get happy on your own. I feel like there is no judgment, just someone who understands what you are going through." -- Amy S

Single Girl Bliss Book Cover

Create your life plan and
start living your most
blissful single-girl life.

Learn how to change your mindset and take action so that you can go from where you are now to where you want to be.

learn how to love your single life!

Get actionable steps and exercises to help you define and

create your dream life (without giving up on love)!

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Get started being blissfully single


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