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3 “Now” Paint Pallets to Refresh Your Space

Not just the pallets, but how to use them, too!

You can find paint pallets all over the place – on paint manufacturer’s websites, in decorating magazines and blogs, even in furniture stores’ catalogs. And they all look great, as some designer has carefully curated the colors and pulled them all together for you. But then you sit there going, “So, which color do I use where? Am I supposed to use all of these colors? What if I just want a few, how do I choose which ones look best together?” And there goes your painting project.

When I was an interior designer, nothing seemed to give my clients more stress than paint colors. Well, you can see why when you whip out a fan deck of color samples and there are thousands to choose from. It’s hard enough for the designer to narrow down the color choices, much less a lay person who may not have any experience at all.

To help out my single friends, who may be living in smaller quarters than the family of five, I’ve put together three right-sized pallets of popular colors that will also stand the test of time. And I’m going to tell you where to use them, too!

Keep in mind that you can swap out the colors any way you choose, but if you’re not confident about doing that, I’ve given you an exact recipe to follow. These are all Sherwin-Williams colors, but you can take them to anyone who mixes paint (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace) and they’ll be able to create the colors for you. They may not be absolutely exact due to paint bases being different, but they’ll be very close. You can find the color cards at Sherwin-Williams stores or by ordering them online at

Pallet #1 – “Naturally Neutral Nancy”

The perfect pallet for those who aren’t crazy about color, are scared to use it, or just like a calm, earthy space.

How to use:

  • Living/Dining/Kitchen – Woven Wicker or Accessible Beige
  • Hallways – Shoji White
  • Master Bedroom – Uber Umber
  • Master Bath – Gold Vessel
  • Second Bedroom – Evergreen Fog
  • Second Bathroom – Urbane Bronze
  • Third Bedroom or Office – Accessible Beige
  • Powder Room – Urbane Bronze or Evergreen Fog

Pallet #2 – “Cool Blue Betty”

This pallet is for those who like cool colors and a relaxing atmosphere, but there’s also a pop of contrast to keep things interesting.

How to use:

  • Living/Dining/Kitchen – Cocoa Whip
  • Hallways – Samovar Silver
  • Master Bedroom – Aleutian
  • Master Bath – Samovar Silver
  • Second Bedroom – Garret Gray or Coral Clay
  • Second Bathroom – Cocoa Whip
  • Third Bedroom or Office – Cocoa Whip
  • Powder Room – Iron Ore or Naval

Pallet #3 – “Serene Green Gayle”

If you like a calm, peaceful home, this pallet is for you. Also with an interesting pop of color contrast, these are your colors if you need some zen in your life.

How to use:

  • Living/Dining/Kitchen – Natural Linen
  • Hallways – High Reflective White
  • Master Bedroom – Cucuzza Verde
  • Master Bath – Baize Green
  • Second Bedroom – Felted Wool or Rose Tan
  • Second Bathroom – Natural Linen
  • Third Bedroom or Office – Baize Green
  • Powder Room – Rosemary or Rose Tan
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