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10 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Fall

As summer falls into autumn (pardon the pun), we look forward to crisp nights, lighted candles and cozy throws, and being surrounded by homey warmth. Unless you’re independently wealthy and have unlimited time on your hands, you probably can’t afford to redecorate your home every season. Here are 10 free or inexpensive things you can do to give your home a cool-season cozy vibe:

  1. Pack away the lightweight blankets and cotton throw rugs, and bring out your textured wool in jewel tones and dark neutrals instead.

2. Give throw pillows an update with inexpensive pillow covers in fall colors and textures that zip on over your existing pillows.

3. Ditch the spring/summer floral-scented candles for ones that evoke scents of the woods and baked goods fresh from the oven, in spicy colors to match.

4. Put up some heavier drapes that will block out the cold and keep your house nice and toasty on cool fall nights.

5. Don’t skip the fresh flowers, but adorn them with fall leaves, berries and evergreen sprigs. You can find inexpensive bouquets at farmer’s markets or the grocery store and doctor them up.

    6. Add some new houseplants. Sounds like a spring/summer thing to do, but with the windows closed something needs to keep your indoor air fresh.

    7. Trade in your cool percale or linen sheets for some fleecy, cozy flannel ones that will keep you warm at night.

    8. Update soaps and lotions to spicy or woodsy scents.

    9. Swap out light-colored towels and bath rugs for darker, cozier colors.

    10. Buy some jewel-toned wine glasses, tumblers, or a set of autumn-leaf dinner plates for a mealtime refresh.

      Some things you may need to purchase up front, but then you can use them over and over again every year. Search second-hand shops and garage sales for things, as well. It can be easy and inexpensive to give your home a refresh for the fall season.

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